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convoluted twist: mindless

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


How i wish i could wake up with an amnesia because the urge to forget all these stupid little things are so high (sigh)

I guess its true bila orang cakap the thing that hurts us the most stay longer in our mind even though you wanted and you tried so hard to forget em.

Somehow, you just cant.
Its not like you can control your past, neither those who are important to you.

One person said this to me; "Pengalaman yang lepas, tak kira baik atau buruk ajar kita untuk jadi lebih matang. Lebih tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan."

But why do i feel so.... lost..?

Even i, myself have to admit yup my ego sometimes can be bigger than the population in china lewls so this person said another thing; "Besar mana pun ego tu, kalau kau sayang, kalau kau hargai, kau akan rendahkan ego kau tu."

Selfish ke aku untuk jaga perasaan aku sendiri? Some people care, yet i cant appreciate them just because the past they've done that hurt me so i cant go on & i feel guilty. I cant. 
I just cant.

A slip of a word pun can slice my heart without they/him/her noticing. Yelah okay aku childish nak mampus. Mengada melampau macam la aku ni under 18 tapi nak buat macamana.

Aku dah kata,
Aku memang macamni.